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Something I find pleasurable is coming home on a TAP flight. I think they still have the best flights crews in the world, specially in Portugália flights (today's landing in Lisboa is a proof of that), and listening to your mother tongue after a long period of speaking 4 different tongues simultaneously has a comfort to it, for me. It's a pity the company is taking so long to cross their business model into the new, very commercial, one. While they don't make the decision of charging for everything on board, making first class meals available on coach for instance and having a full menu, their food services on coach are at an incredible low level of quality. . .. . #tiamacheta . . . . #tapportugal #tp1119 #lpa #lis

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Playa del Inglés is such a hated resort it is always full. It could, obviously get an urbanistic makeover. A huge one. And I would think the Municipality has the revenue to put it to action. No vision, maybe. That 80's/90's rundown look taken out, it's a cheap destination where you can find good services (if you know how to look), fair priced luxury hotels where you can obliviate the context, paradisiacal beaches and, obviously, the never ending night fun (neverending is an exaggeration, most places close at 4am). I do recommend the show at Funny Boys for a quality international show or Terry Show for a more local, rough, one. Dancing the hits of the moment at Mykonos and Tubos bars is mandatory. . . . #tiamacheta . . . . #playadelingles #maspalomas #grancanaria #españa #chezfunnyboys #armanidivine #shirleybassey #review

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