Peiraios 260

normally when working at a new venue i try to know as much as possible about it upon arrival. not only the tech specs and riders but also a bit about the history of the place, it’s relative location to the town it is in, proximities and other oddities.

peiraios 260, athens & epidaurus festival’s off location at rentis, an industrial suburb of athens was from far the hardest one to google.

apparently it used to be an office furniture factory back in the 70’s (?), “orange chairs”, and has been abandoned for decades.

the athens & epidaurus festival held its 60th edition this year and three of programming the peiraios 260 space, boosting several huge multifunctional spaces, with storages, backstages, bars, parking, good public transportation access, the whole ordeal. peiraios 260 also takes advantage in terms of public, i’m sure, of being next door to the athens school of fine arts.

the idea behind getting this space was one of democratization of the festival, originally programmed only for very poshly perceived venues like the odeon of herodes atticus, which withdraw a certain public from going.


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