one week in dublin

Irish Museum of Modern Art

depressing, wrong, scary, smelly. why the fuck? thats not the point of art. or is it. free.

P1150078 P1150087

National Gallery of Ireland

very consistent collection on a very crowded space. we missed the turner exhibit for a day 😩 also free

Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 20.51.31

snowing in dame street, dublin, 29 jan 15 

view from a hop on hop off bus. these cost 18 euros, cover most of the interest points, ticket valid for 2 days from the moment of buy. we used them both as sightseeing and as transfers. we also used the perfect Luas service and mostly our feet.


using a hop on hop off bus as a commute means you will go the dublin cemetery more times than you’d like. apparently, this is actually a touristy thing. they have tours, reenactments, a terrace cafĂ© overlooking one of the country’s greatest hero’s grave. the second time we passed, the bus was retained inside the cemetery while three funerals passed. amazing way to start your day.

it also passes thru a gorgeous public part where a pope gave mass, deers live freely, the us has its embassy and you can see the back of the president of ireland’s house from behind a fence. also, you can see squirrels admiring the statue of the invisible man.



mate oscar wilde rests in a bohemian pose on a rock in the park next to the house where he was born. or where he lived. or where he married. i don’t know. wilde references are a go to sensation for tour bus guides.


oscar wilde lived in this house, or was born in it, passed by once, or this is where he met his wife, from whom he had two children, before being incarcerated for being gay and then exiled. not a word from the tour guide about this.


litter is disgusting and so are you!

aggressive but effective. very clean city.


Guinness Store House

we got there late and had a rushed experience, but it all felt too commercial. too processed. too expensive. great view from gravity bar and luved the vaps.

Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 20.49.11


cheap food was a major issue. restaurants are pricey but shopping center quality and fast food sucks more then anywhere else, even in burger king. sucks. like this. they look good and fresh and healthy and cheap, but wait till they put them in the oven for revival and come back with cooked rucola and a microwaved baguette. fish and chips at beshoff Bros is, on the other side, an excellent option with a full menu of fresh deep fried north atlantic cod with chips, a soft drink (why no beer ireland?) and coffee, for a little over €10.


the irish breakfast

a must have. have it with a guinness and you are set till dinner. guinness for strength. this one was at third space.

Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 20.54.46

day trip to the cliffs of moher

booked on paddywagon tours. worth the tour, but very annoying yet informative driver. stops at the ruins of an abbey and a small town for a single restaurant option lunch, which was quite good. i had the roast ham.

Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 00.36.59Francis Bacon studio at the Hugh Lane

if you are into Bacon, the artist previously known for not sketching, this is a must see. a complete studio relocated from london to dublin. the exact way he left it. free, no photography allowed.

In 1998, director Barbara Dawson secured the donation of Francis Bacon’s studio from the artist’s heir John Edwards and Brian Clarke executor of the Estate of Francis Bacon. In the August of that year, the Hugh Lane team removed the studio and it’s entire contents from London to Dublin. The team, led by conservator Mary McGrath, comprised archaeologists who made the survey and elevation drawings of the small studio, mapping out the spaces and locations of the objects and conservators and curators who tagged and packed each of the items, including the dust. The walls, doors floor and ceiling were also removed. The relocated studio opened to the public in 2001. Over 7,000 items were found and these were catalogued on a specially designed database.


seafood chowder and an open crab sandwich at Crabby Jo’s

got the tip from the new york time but lost the link to the address. one afternoon we decided to go see the inspiring views of the lighthouse at Howth, where so many met their ninfas before, but found Crabby Jo’s a block after the train station and didn’t go anywhere else. amazing food and service for a fair price. very recommendable, if this is your thing.

Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 01.10.57


we were a party of 5 friends but two of us got there 3 days before.

those nights we slept at generator hostel. a bit away from the action and a unit with an identity crisis. they say they are a hostel, but sell their coffee more expensive than starbucks, the staff acts like they were waiters on a parisian cafĂ©, if you know what i mean hashtag fucking rude and no breakfast included. we specifically asked when booked two months before for a high floor room, got one on the first floor and no reason given. also no kitchen, on a hostel. we had a double room for privacy but the maid never knocked before coming in. and entered and did her thing without even saying hello. same with the guy who comes in 15 minutes before check out time with a chart to let remember you its time to go. wtf. the flush didn’t work, we called front desk they sent someone. she said: you need to do it like this: and gave the flush a karate move and it worked. so fight your flush, assume it as morning exercise. they also apparently rent their common spaces for what looked like a corporate event, so deal with it.

the other 4 nights we shared a 6 bed room with an argentinian software engineer and a smelly girl from texas at isaacs hostel. very honest and welcoming service. stay at a true dublin house with squeaky floors and the train passing on one corner, close to the center and a step away from the airport transfer and the suburban trains. free wifi, free breakfast, free sauna. perfect.

some street art

which as advertising outdoors is each time more present public visual garbage


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