The Radiotron

The Radiotron
Strategically placed at the corner of HYPE and KNOWLEDGE, this HOUSE of ZEITGUETTO is all about UP UP WITH HIP HOP. THINKTANZERS of the WORLD: RE-PRESENT!
Peace, Love Unity & Having FUNdations 😉
The Radiotron’s Founding Mastermentors are
Catarina Campino
Vasco Alves
Bboy André “Speedy” Garcia
TKO [ THE RADIOTRON Class of 2013-2014 ]
Bboy Alex Azura
Nozk [ André Marques ]
Comics [ Cláudio Fernandes ]
Wollf King [ Valter Ferreira ]
Big Z [ Carlos Zagalo ]
Bonez B [ Fábio Silva ]
Ricardo Félix
TKO’s Satellites
Travis Walker
Lady Rooks [ Andreia Silva ]
[ All Powered by The Radiotron + Nurtured by Teatro Praga, Hosted by DNA Lisboa + Trained by Full Out Dance Academy + Ruled by King Size + Winged by Red Bull ]

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